Welcome to Benny’s Meat Market

Deer Hunters

Good luck to all deer hunters this coming firearm season. If your not feeling like skinning and deboning your harvested deer you can drop them off at Benny’s and we can do that part for you. Guaranteed to get your own meat back!!!! We will be open Saturday our normal business hours and I will be there after hours Saturday to check in your deer as well as Sunday. If for some reason I’m not there on Sunday when you get to the back door please call my cell 320-510-3440 and I will be there within 5 minutes. Remember to shoot strait and make quality shots as misplaced shots can damage more of the meat. Also if you can wash out the cavity after gutting it that helps preserve the meat from getting tainted by any possible guts or fecal matter getting into the meat. Be safe and have a great hunt!!!